Archives par mot-clé : Auto-aggression

Alexandre Morel: scenes of violence

Using a clinical account of the treatment through psychodrama of an adolescent girl hospitalized for anorexia, the author will discuss different aspects of the way violence is summoned up against the one bearing the anorexic symptom. There is the violence of plunging into a treatment framework that compels the patient into renewed interaction with the object, and the healthy violence of the child within the adolescent who supports the turning around of hatred from auto-aggression to other-directed aggression.

Adolescence, 2019, 37, 2, 269-280.

Alain Guérin: auto- and hetero-aggression in recourse to the act

The singular nature of feminine delinquency, considered at the intrapsychical, intersubjective and social levels, is expressed in a fluid boundary between aggression against oneself and aggression against others. When girls resort to acting, the result is an attempt to destroy the erotic feminine in the other and in the subject, “auto-femininicide.” The weakness of identifications, the impact of culture and environment, depressive issues and sexuality will be at the forefront.

Adolescence, 2018, 36, 1, 159-169.