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Sébastien Chapellon: violence in teamwork

An adolescent may transfer his own inner disorganization onto the people around him, causing misunderstandings and tensions to emerge among them. The problematic that the adolescent is unconsciously asking them to harbor may induce great interpersonal violence, with the risk of shattering institutional bonds. Several examples will shed light on the intersubjective mechanisms at work in this phenomenon.

Adolescence, 2019, 37, 2, 423-438.

Cristelle Avelines-Lebon, Anne Brun: violences in the family

The passage through adolescence may give rise to a violent family crisis, echoing group processes of generational transmission and adolescent experiences of subjects in the present. Psychoanalytic family therapy, taking place within a psychiatric setting that offers several different treatment places and times, enables a revisiting of the processes of symbolization, with the support of mediating objects: those provided by the therapists but also those invented by the family.

Adolescence, 2019, 37, 2, 357-370.