Christophe Rubin : Adolescent rap : from the dismanteling of a rhythm and of a discourse towards the hyper-extension of a vocal representation of the subject.

What is at work with rap is very typical of what is at work during the passage between childhood and adolescence, i.e. processes of alteration of both language and voice. Hence quite a few physiological and psychological transformations can be put at a distance, masked by linguistic and vocal games of the rap.

A text, like  » juvenile poison «  by the group Movez’ Lang may indeed seem as representing the verbal staging of a  » change of skin  » : everything takes place as if the rappers wanted to dismember a prosody, a narrative discourse, a self representation specific of childhood in order to impose rhythmically and metaphorically an over-dimensioned vocal representation, very widely covering the voice and speech specific to the subject both within its excesses and its willingly stereotyped characteristic.

Indeed it thus envelops and veils individual subjectivity within a both prudish and suggestive interplay.